Sympulse 2017: Day 1

The eagerly awaited Sympulse’17- A Local Coalesce finally launched into action on 18th January 2017 in what proved to be a momentous day for the entire Organising Committee. The energy and enthusiasm was palpable, as the campus seemed to be doused in colours and was alight with excitement.

Day One began with the crowd assembling at the field for Volleyball, and spirits soared as the crowd cheered for the participants, who were battling for glory..

The Academic Summit marked the official commencement of the fest. Every year, renowned personalities from various fields address the audience on topics relevant in today’s world. This year, our guests of honour, Ms. Shaheen Mistri- founder of Akanksha Foundation and CEO, Teach for India and Mr. Rajnish Rikhy Director of Response, Benet Coleman and Company Ltd., (Times Group), spoke about “Redefining Education with special emphasis on unconventional trajectories”. They addressed various issues that impact people across the globe, the link between media and education, and enabling children to be the problem solvers of today. The welcome address was given by Dr. Adya Sharma, Director Symbiosis Center for Management Studies-Pune.Representing SIU was the Dean, Academics and Administration, Dr. Bhama Venkataramani who is also the Founder Director of SCMS. The discussion was very fruitful and intriguing with students listening attentively through it, and seeking answers to their most relevant questions on the topic, in a heated Q&A session that followed. The highlight of the event was a 7th grader, Ganesh who attended the Summit with Ms. Mistri. He addressed the audience and shed light on unconventional educational trajectories he had experienced and in his own terms defining what qualities must be possessed by a good teacher.

The Sprint events enthused the students around campus, like they do every year. 5-a-side football saw 20 teams go head to head in a battle of skill and fitness. On a day of hard fought contests, the best was saved for last as Wadia colleges 5 won their game after a marathon penalty shootout that was decided with its 15th kick. The preliminary rounds for basketball and volleyball were also held.

The cultural wing of the fest, Ananya- sponsored by Bifrost, saw both participants and viewers flitting around the campus to watch and take part in the various events. The Hindi Duet Singing Competition- sponsored by 9XM saw the crowd crooning and singing along to their favourite tunes, and the Hogathon- sponsored by McDonald’s, saw foodies compete against one another to gulp down as many burgers as they could in a limited time period, without throwing up. The highlight of the day was the Talent Hunt, which was presented by F the Couch, founded by acclaimed actor and producer Mr. Suneil Shetty and producer Mukesh Chhabra. This casting company gave students the perfect opportunity to showcase their talents in various fields of music, film, television, theater or events. FIFA, the battle for virtual football supremacy, saw an initial cap of 64 participants doubled to 128. Such was the frenzy to register for the Ananya gaming event. With many players still left to go, Day 2 will only get better as the competition heats up.The Symulate workshop for all members of the various contingents of the event was an informative session on the sharing economy by using Wikimedia. The speaker was Mr. Sanket Oswal who is heading the Indian chapter of Wikimedia, which deals with providing freely available content online through its branches such as Wikipedia, Wikinews, Wiki commons etc. The session was interactive where students asked queries and he answered questions and in the process further informed the students. They explored how information was edited and verified, how the company ran and legal issues faced by them. At the end of the session, students were left with a sense of being empowered to generate freely available public information about their own country to share with the world.

Headline Events got underway with the in demand Texas Hold ‘Em as participants came in large numbers to the SCMS terrace. After witnessing such intense competition on the first day, things are looking bright as we move to the next round.

The last event on Campus for day one- EDM Night, had a great build-up to it and was headlined by a rising duo of DJs- Simorrish who certainly knew how to please the crowd! The music was perfect for the occasion and gave us all a night to hold onto. All the elements blended well together- from the stage to the visual effects and obviously the artists, to produce one unforgettable night for all those who were present.

Day one set the bar high as we now await the rest of the days to come with bated breath, as thousands come together to experience the pure joy and elation of being a part of something this colossal.

Sympulse 2017: Day 2

The energy and enthusiasm of the previous day flowed smoothly into Day Two (19th January )of Sympulse’17, A Local Coalesce. Participants and viewers alike poured into campus to witness the fest in all its glory. The campus was a site to behold, set with colours, smiling faces and much excitement as the second day began to unfold.

The day began with sports enthusiasts assembling on the field to watch an array of events under Sprint, the sports wing of the fest. Street football saw a total of twenty eight teams compete in matches, with fourteen now moving forward to the next round. Of the thirty two teams in ’11-a-side’, sixteen will proceed to round two. The girls’ volleyball finals were held today, with five teams participating, and the men’s final will be held tomorrow. Other events held were Air Hockey, Chess, Panna and Darts as Sprint celebrated yet another successful day.

The business wing, Symulate, held events like Best Entrepreneur, Best Manager and B-Quiz, testing the acumen of potential businessmen. Best entrepreneur held an outbound round, where participants engaged in a scavenger hunt to collect raw materials with which they were required to make products, and then proceeded to pitch them to the judges. B-Quest saw various contingents coming up with their own amusement parks, and decipher solutions for the various challenges put before them. Participants were also tested in the fields of Finance, Human Resources and Marketing.

The campus was humming and alive with energy as Ananya, the cultural wing, sponsored by Bifrost held its events all across campus as the crowd flitted from one place to another to soak in as much of the fun as they could. The elimination round for the Fashion Show, sponsored by Tinder and powered by Beardo and Love Generation, was held today, and was judged by esteemed personalities in the fashion industry, Abhilasha Mehta, Chetan Agarwal, Pallawai Sirohi, Neelam Virvani and Shreya Shah. Ms. Gail Nicole Da Silva, who was crowned Femina Miss India United Continent 2014, was the judge of the Campus Princess. Maniesh Paul, famous host, anchor, comedian and Bollywood actor and lyricist Manoj Muntashir were the judges of the Hindi Duet Finals, powered by 9XM, 9XO and 9X Jalwa. The speakers blared and the crowd grooved as they gathered to watch talented dancers take center stage to display their talent before the judge for Street Dance sponsored by Electron Performers, Shantanu Maheshwari, from the show Dil Dosti Dance and dance crew ‘Desi Hoppers’. Elimination rounds for Hogathon, Legend recreation, Western Solo Singing and Masterchef were also held.

Texas Hold ‘Em, sponsored by Poka Bunga, held its second round today, with sixty three participants, of which fourteen qualified.

The day closed with the auditorium filling with students eagerly awaiting performances of budding musicians, while some assembled to watch the brawn of young men toughing it out in the boxing ring. The Battle of the Bands, presented by Seamedu, a media school that aims at producing world-class talent in Media & Entertainment had each of us head banging and singing along as the supremely talented performers captivated the audience.

With the last two days having been so exhilarating and a smashing success, we eagerly look forward to what the last 3 days of Sympulse have in store for us.

Sympulse 2017: Day 3

The third day of Sympulse’17, A Local Coalesce, was as grand an affair as the first two days.

The day started, as always, with Sprint events, as the field was crowded with viewers on edge as they watched the teams they were cheering for proceed to the next rounds and give their best shot on the ground. Basketball concluded today, with IMED taking the final prize with a score of 74-69. The girls’ category saw St. Francis stroll to victory. The Round of 16 for Boys Football continued full source with its end to end action and close finishes in all the matches. Of the three teams from SCMS, two came agonizingly close but were beaten on penalties. However, the third home side put up an impressive show and progressed with an easy 2-0 win to reiterate their status as favourites. With the 8 sides eagerly anticipating the quarterfinals draw, it'll be a fascinating watch to see which way the competition tilts on its penultimate day. The futsal competition ended today with NMIMS emerging victorious 2-1. Air Hockey, Darts and Panna were the other events that took place during the day.

SIMUNC made a big splash today by starting with their events. The key speaker for the opening ceremony Mr. Sandeep Bedi provided insights into what could have been improved in the MUN system and a quick round of speeches to set the mood of the event, the MUN was declared open. All three wings i.e. UNSC, UNODC and UNHRC began their talks today with participants playing different countries and reacting to the different crises being provided to them.

Ananya events were the rage. The group dance competition, sponsored by Sakaal Times and judged by esteemed dancer Nayantara Parpia, had a total of fifteen teams, of which eight teams qualified for the next round. Mr. Paul Kinny, a renowned chef with almost two decades of experience in the field, judged the finals of Masterchef. NMIMS was a winner on and off, winning the final round of the Fashion Show, sponsored by Tinder and judged by model Diandra Soares and designer Nandita Mehtani. The western solo singing competition was a treat to the ears, with talents from far and wide came together under one roof and left us speechless. The Legend Recreation, Treasure Hunt and Hogathon concluded today.

Texas Hold ‘Em, sponsored by Poka Bunga, held its second round today, with sixty three participants, of which fourteen qualified.

Symulate saw participants put their heads together to solve different tasks given to them and overcome the challenges thrown at them. The participants of the Marketing event were give a country and a crisis, and were required to come up with a product to solve the same. A twist came in the end, when the same product was to be used to solve a crisis in a different country altogether. The B-Quiz event brought Monopoly to life, with teams moving around the board to buy/trade/mortgage properties. Six teams will proceed to the next round. HRM and Entrepreneur events were held today as well.

Texas Hold ‘Em sponsored by Poka Bunga held its next round today, with the qualified people proceeding to the quarter finals to be held tomorrow.

The day drew to a close with the Headline Events, with the finals of Battle of the Bands, presented by Seamedu. The winners were Classic sid kid. A surprise sundowner- “dhol tasha” raging to Indian tunes was arranged; which brought alive the true spirit of a Local Coalesce. The War of DJs, happening at Ten Downing Street, is where day three of the fest concludes, with the crowd going crazy with anticipation as to how it will end.

Day three was a massive success, and we’re rushing to soak it all in as Sympulse’17 inches slowly towards a close.

Sympulse 2017: Day 4

The fourth instalment of Sympulse'17, A Local Coalesce took the momentum of the last three days to a new height.

As the sun nudged sleepy heads to find shelter in activity, Sprint dashed forward with its events. Football quarter and semi-finals were nerve wrecking, yielding the unexpected finals between Deccan and Vidya Bhavan. Cricket proved equally tense with all the 12 teams slugging it out with their sights for tomorrow's finals.

Ananya took the centre stage by attracting healthy number of participants starting with street play, which was judged by Smithesh Gupte and Saqib Khan from Swatantra Theatres. This was followed by Blind fold Bollywood where 6 teams in groups of two participated. While one participant was blindfolded, the other guided them through Bollywood related clues on campus. Spoof it which was judged by R.J. Srikanth required its 3 participating teams to pick a movie and parody it for 5-7 minutes. Call of Duty (a video game) drew a large crowd who were invariably intrigued by its 10 players who engaged in an action-shooter video game. The day ended on a strong note with electrifying performances in the Group dance finals judged by Longinus Fernandes. At the end of the performance there was a celebratory performance by international students from different countries in Africa, and the country of Mongolia which truly celebrated the spirit of Vasudhaiv Kutumbakam.

Symulate drew to a close with the final rounds of all the events pushing the participants to their extremes. From stress interviews in the best manager event, being a P.R. agent for a celebrity who is facing legal action and a ban for the marketing event, redesigning the people policies for the M&A of a Swedish and a U.S. company for the H.R. round, creating the budget for fictional countries for the finance round and having a text-visual taboo round for the business quiz the participants were given a fair final challenge. In the closing ceremony, the participants were thanked and awards were distributed. While Christ (department of commerce) and Christ (department of management) led the tally for number of wins, it was NMIMS Mumbai which won the B-quest (contingent) award.

SIMUNC continued their discussion to very exciting ends. The UNODC was a day of a lot of talk but no action as the war on narcotics could not find a successful conclusion. The UNSC debates on the arctic water led to contention between the Russian, Canadian and Danish forces and military aggression. UNHRC was exciting with emergence of two blocks and two working papers being presented by the two factions. The argument was fierce but it is only up to tomorrow if they get some consensus.

The Headlines event on day four was the Pit stop, where rich expensive cars were put on display, with revving engines and pumped adrenaline. These cars held the distinction of being unique with one of them- the Aston Martin being the only one of the 50 built in world! Other highlights included the Ferrari 458 Speciale, the Mercedes SLS Gull Wing, the majestic Rolls Royce, and of course the Lamborghini. The owners were interviewed, and the cars were then replaced by Harley Davidson bikes of the HOG community. Afterwards, stunt drivers entertained the crowd with their dare devilry and the group introduced Sarthak, the youngest member who was close to thirteen years but equally talented as the rest of them. A dazzling display of bike stunts from professionals, with extremely well performed sequences, and a mesmerizing display of skill ended the glamorous Pit Stop for the day. Texas Hold ‘Em, presented by PokerBunga found 40 participants vying for the final position throughout the day.

The day drew to a close with the Headline Events, with the finals of Battle of the Bands, presented by Seamedu. The winners were Classic sid kid. A surprise sundowner- “dhol tasha” raging to Indian tunes was arranged; which brought alive the true spirit of a Local Coalesce. The War of DJs, happening at Ten Downing Street, is where day three of the fest concludes, with the crowd going crazy with anticipation as to how it will end.

Overall day four was a stunning addition to that necklace of pearl memories called Sympulse '17. The final send-off for this bride is reserved for tomorrow, with Ayushmann Khurrana and his band- live at Maha Laxmi Lawns!

Sympulse 2017: Day 5

Like a good action movie, the last day of Sympulse was the ultimate showdown which brought a fitting end to one of Pune’s largest fests and to an exciting year ahead.

The Model United Nations started first thing in the morning with the objectives lined out for all three wings to come to a consensus to their talks. The UNSC (security council) held talks to resolve the usage of the Arctic circle which resolved with the waters being open to trade for all countries. The UNHRC (for human rights) passed a policy which due to the multiple stakeholders it had to keep in mind was watered down, followed by two clauses deleted in the original agenda. In the UNODC (historical committee), the resolution did not succeed due to the two blocks formed during the term of the conversation. However, it was clear from the deliberations that took place that the participants found themselves thoroughly enjoying the process.

The closing ceremony had the executive council summing up the talks in each of the sessions as well as congratulate the participants. This was followed by the executive board of each committee coming on the stage to discuss what was talked about and give the prizes. Several speakers were noted for their commendable performance with the board noting an impressive performance despite the presence of several first timers and commending the organising committee for ensuring the event was smooth. The best delegate for UNSC was the delegate from Canada, for UNODC the delegate from Sweden and for the UNHRC the delegate from Columbia

Texas Hold ‘Em concluded on the fifth day with over 40 participants slugging to the end. Despite some very tense moments it was entertaining. In the end the first place went to Sanket Deshmukh, the second place went to Bhavya Ahuja and the third place to Tanuj Agarwal.

Sprint drew to a close as well, with the football finals between Vidya Bhavan and Deccan ended with a decisive victory for Deccan college. S.P. College bagged the prize for cricket and both the victors walked back proudly from the intense competition which stood between them and the prize.

The evening ended in true style and grandeur as the much-awaited concert by Ayushmann Khurrana and his band Ayushmann Bhava at Mahalaxmi Lawns. The opening act was Fiddlecraft, and they built quite a fan base at the end of their concert. The atmosphere was just right as Ayushmann and his band finally took the stage, and we couldn’t help but sing along to our favourite tunes and marvel at the raw talent and energy on stage. The finals for the war of DJs helped bring the night to proper close with Teerth Pokhriyal sweeping the crowd off their feet and smoothly strolling towards victory. The music and the pulse of the fest was in resonance with the crowd favourite winning the competition.

The day drew to a close with the Headline Events, with the finals of Battle of the Bands, presented by Seamedu. The winners were Classic sid kid. A surprise sundowner- “dhol tasha” raging to Indian tunes was arranged; which brought alive the true spirit of a Local Coalesce. The War of DJs, happening at Ten Downing Street, is where day three of the fest concludes, with the crowd going crazy with anticipation as to how it will end.

Sympulse ’17 was a festival of not just the people who took part in it but also those who organised it. Going by those parameters, the fest surpassed the previous years and set a new benchmark to aspire towards.