Hindi Saptah 2017-18

The International cell of SCMS Pune, organized Hindi Saptah, its first event of the year on 13th & 14th September 2017. Hindi Diwas is celebrated on 14th September 2017 on National level. All the International students and foreign exchange students were invited to learn basic Hindi language. This language was taught with the objective of helping students to interact with general public on day to day basis. On first day the treasure hunt was organized and on the second day the Hindi Speaking Session along with a Henna Ceremony was organised. The event came to an end with the Foreign Nationals learning a few Hindi words & sentences and having beautiful henna designs on their hands.

Welcome Cerrmony

International Cell of 2016 hosted a ‘Welcoming Ceremony’ for all the foreign exchange students, who will be staying in India for a couple of semesters. Each exchange student was greeted by the entire International cell and were warmly welcomed in Indian tradition.

The event began with the address of Dr. Adya Sharma, Director, SCMS. It was an informal gathering of international students where they were introduced to different aspects of Indian cultures including food,culture,religion and festivals and various attires of India. The students ensured that international students gained an opportunity to bond with cell members well and a few students also participated in mehndi session. It enstilled great enthusiasm among international students.

Sarva Dharma Sama Bhaav 2016

An evening glittered with the colours of joy & happiness marked the opening of Sarva Dharma Sama Bhaav 2016. The event Sarva Dharma Sama Bhaav is a flagship event of International Cell of Symbiosis Centre for Management Studies, Pune. The event is the celebration of different cultures around the world as we at SCMS believe One World One Family One Culture and proved the same with the celebration of Sarv Dharma Sama Bhaav. The event was inaugurated with the auspicious lighting of lamp by Dr Adya sharma, Director SCMS along with Dr Parimala, Deputy Director & the exchange students.

The exchange students tapped their feet on Indian tunes and tried Indian moves. The auditorium was filled with glee and joy. Encore, Drammebaaz & Step-up clubs also joined the International cell in the celebration. Incoming and Outgoing student under Global Immersion Program also shared their trail of experiences. A fabulous cultural walk by the foreign national students in their respective traditional attire marked the end of the colourful evening.


A farewell ceremony was organized on 8 March 2017 to say goodbye to the incoming Exchange students. The session was cheered by the Director Dr. Adya Sharma and she thanked the students for choosing India and Symbiosis. The students also shared their experiences in India and Symbiosis. They were glad that they chose Symbiosis International Universities for their exchange program.