1. Saltanat Khan: Dauphine University, France, Paris

GIP 2016 is veraciously an awe inspiring achievement for me to feel proud about and brag about till infinity.

It was the Will Power that kept me going through the vicissitudes of the tenure of my semester exchange in Paris, France. It has honestly helped me a lot in various ways, the major reason being Personal Growth.

Could not have asked for more. Representing Symbiosis International University, India at a whole new International Level was the best feeling ever and which gives me goosebumps every time I think about it!

The journey of a thousand miles, actually begins with the Global Immersion Program. GIP 2016 was indeed adventurous because in addition to the studies, I also traveled 'a lot' in Europe covering 12 Schengen Countries which has enhanced my traveling skills making me even more bolder and stronger.

Studying in Dauphine was a dream and it feels very nostalgic while writing this because I have come a long way from where I began, right from applying for the GIP, to getting selected and finally heading off to Universitè Paris Dauphine for a semester.

Undeniably, the Global Immersion Program is a life changing experience. I feel exceptionally blessed to be a member of the SCMS Pune, GIP 2016 contingent.

2. Tanvi Shah: IESEG School of Management, France

My Window to the World

It is true when they say Student exchange is an opportunity to do and experience things you would never ever dream of.

This experience has truly been beautiful. I am so very happy I got to go for it. My experience there was a culmination of awesome college time, one of a kind university and city events and exhilarating travel.

The International Club took good care of us and planned exciting events for us every week.

The faculty was literally out of the world, most of them from a different country equipped with unique and interactive teaching styles.