Workshop by JLL

The workshop by JLL officials, Mr. Saksham Mendiratta and Mr. Mayank Shekhar was conducted on 13th and 15th July, 2015. The topic covered in the workshop was ‘Creating Brand Fathers- Launching a New Brand’. It was a 2 hour workshop.

The students had a great learning experience as the officials shared their practical and real life knowledge about branding and marketing. The students were given an overnight assignment where they were divided in groups of 5 and were asked to launch a new brand of sauces under ITC. The assignment was in the form of a presentation. Students came up with many unique names and strategies about their respective brand. But one brand of Piri-Piri sauces impressed our guests the most.

The 2 hours of workshop were full of learning in an entertaining way which the students really cherished.

Mr. Saksham Mendiratta from JLL